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Nokta Makro Invenio Professional Metal Detector Pro for sale Abu Dhabi

New gold and metal detectors Nokta Invenio Pro 2020 | 3D Metal Detectors from golden detector group 00971507737755
Invenio is a 3D imaging metal detector for detecting gold, metals and artefacts.
It is one of the best metal detecting technologies in recent years.
with the all-new three-dimensional 3D imaging technique that has been patented internationally
thanks to the features of the showing the precise shape of the underground metal objects.
Unlike most other imaging devices, the Invenio gold detector uses a traditional search coil with electronic components.
The coil performs a ground scan, receives signals from buried targets, track its motion and records location information and coordinates via the IPTU sensor on the arm attached to the coil.
Invenio imaging technology allows to see the true shape of the underground metal object
its precise position and the type of metal it is, whether it is precious or not.
It can also easily find the depth through the three-dimensional representation that appears on the screen after scanning.
Invenio is the first metal detector with intelligent imaging system and offers great potential for treasure hunters and prospectors.
It can be used for many practical applications which include the discovery of treasures, precious metals and archaeological treasures of ancient civilizations.
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